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Man and Van with affordable prices
  • WITH 1 MAN
  • WITH 2 MEN
  • WITH 3 MEN
  • £35 p/h
  • £45 p/h
  • £55 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £50 p/h
  • £60 p/h
  • ---
  • £80 p/h
  • £95 p/h
  • £20 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £60 p/h

*all the prices by hour, minimum 2hrs booking time

*£10 charge if going through a congestion charge zone during weekdays 7:00am to 6:30pm

*Extra charges applies when travelling outside the M25.

Self Moving Pros and Cons >>

Self Moving can be good couse you won't spend money, but it can be tricky and hard sometimes.

Choosing between self moving and with the help of a moving company has always been quite difficult. This is because there basically is no best option or method; you have to choose depending on your budget, destination and time.

Self moving can be considered only if you are moving in the same city, and is not preferable when moving to another city or country.

To help in making the choice, you have to first be clear about all your priorities in moving. The usual priorities are money and time; and if you opt for self moving, though you will be saving on money, you will be spending and wasting lots of time on it.

You have to hire moving labor to help with self moving

You have to spend time on packing, unpacking, the packing material to use and the transportation you need for moving. In addition to all this, you will also have to decide and hire moving helpers to help you move.

Usually 3-4 competent moving laborers are sufficient for cheap moving from a 2-3 bedroom home. You can decide on the number of moving packers to hire based on the size of your household materials, and when hiring professional movers, always hire one more person than required, to avoid last minute complications.

Choose the right truck for your moving needs

The next thing you have to decide with self moving is to hire a moving truck. There are trucks of various sizes for you to choose from where the rent depends on the size of the truck you choose.

It is very important that you choose the right sized truck as renting of too large trucks prove to be too expensive for your wallet while small trucks will not be sufficient to move all your belongings. Basically, to move from a 2-3 bedroom house, you will need a 17 feet moving truck to carry your belongings.

When you are choosing your truck, make sure you clarify if the journey to your new house is to be a return trip or a one way trip. This factor affects your bill for the use of the truck as rate of the truck is usually dependant on destination distance in mile form.

Compare moving quotes to decide

However if you hire a moving company, they will do all this work, at a fee. There is no need of you worrying where you will find the required staff to help with your moving or of hiring moving trucks. All you have to worry about is the money to pay them for their services.

Once you know how much you have to pay for self moving, visit some famous moving companies to get moving quotes for the services you are looking for. With moving quotes from 3-5 moving services, you will be able to choose the lowest quote. Then compare this quote with your self moving ideas; this way you will be able to decide on which is the better option for you.

Removal Tip Posted on 13/05/2010

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