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  • WITH 1 MAN
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  • £35 p/h
  • £45 p/h
  • £55 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £50 p/h
  • £60 p/h
  • ---
  • £80 p/h
  • £95 p/h
  • £20 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £60 p/h

*all the prices by hour, minimum 2hrs booking time

*£10 charge if going through a congestion charge zone during weekdays 7:00am to 6:30pm

*Extra charges applies when travelling outside the M25.

Moving Furniture in a New Kitchen >>

You'll have an ideia about how to dispose furniture in your new kitchen.

sometimes when you get in your new flat or apartment you just don't know what to do with your furniture, in this case, we going to talk about the kitchen.

This video will show you how to dispose your things in your new kitchen, will show you one example, but giving you others ideas, couse not everyone have the same kind of furniture.

On the next days i will put some more videos about disposing your furniture in your new house.

Hope this video helped you with your removal process, and if you need some professional help, call us, we'll be with you in no time.

Removal Tip Posted on 27/05/2010

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