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*all the prices by hour, minimum 2hrs booking time

*£10 charge if going through a congestion charge zone during weekdays 7:00am to 6:30pm

*Extra charges applies when travelling outside the M25.

How to assemble PAX IKEA Wardrobe >>

Assembling a pax IKEA Wardrobe is easy, but you need to follow a few steps!

Watch the video and read this post carefully before assembling your PAX IKEA Wardrobe and you'll sure  have no problem!

I was assembling an IKEA Wardrobre yesterday and i have to say, it was tricky but easy and fun, everything went just us planned, just some small problems, thats why i decided to put a new tip talking about this subject.

First of all follow and read carefully the manual, if you didn't found it yet, should be inside the wardrobe box, so lets get to the tip, before assembling anything, measure your house height and see if is less than 2.10 m( for normal sizes wardrobe, check in your manual for the minimum height required), yes it is very important, this will tell you if you need to assemble laying it down on the floor or standing it up, if your house is taller then the minimum height is better to assemble laying it down, if not stand it up before!

Another great advise is if you're assembling your wardrobe on the floor, be very carefully couse the structure is very fragile until you have placed both sides and the back part!.. well i tell you that couse i tried to pull it up after putting both side BUT before puting the back, the result was that one of the sides came apart breaking a little the bottom left side of the wardrobe!

Just follow this simple tips and follow the video and manual and your wardrobe should be alright.

Removal Tip Posted on 18/06/2010

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