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Man and Van with affordable prices
  • WITH 1 MAN
  • WITH 2 MEN
  • WITH 3 MEN
  • £35 p/h
  • £45 p/h
  • £55 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £50 p/h
  • £60 p/h
  • ---
  • £80 p/h
  • £95 p/h
  • £20 p/h
  • £40 p/h
  • £60 p/h

*all the prices by hour, minimum 2hrs booking time

*£10 charge if going through a congestion charge zone during weekdays 7:00am to 6:30pm

*Extra charges applies when travelling outside the M25.

7 removal tips available

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Removal day list

Try to organize all your belongs in advance as close as possible to the exit without blocking your way through and if you want to improve and increase your loading capacity try to organize items this way: A. Awkward Items (Mirrors, Frames, ironing boards, flat packed items, standing lamps, chest of drawers) B. Closed boxes & Suitcases (boxed sized objects). C. Bags & holdalls. About open boxes Improve your removal timing by closing and sealing all of your boxes, boxes left open with items…

posted on 26/05/2010

Moving Furniture in a New Kitchen

sometimes when you get in your new flat or apartment you just don't know what to do with your furniture, in this case, we going to talk about the kitchen. This video will show you how to dispose your things in your new kitchen, will show you one example, but giving you others ideas, couse not everyone have the same kind of furniture. On the next days i will put some more videos about disposing your furniture in your new house. Hope this video helped you with your removal process, and if you…

posted on 27/05/2010

How to assemble PAX IKEA Wardrobe

Watch the video and read this post carefully before assembling your PAX IKEA Wardrobe and you'll sure  have no problem! I was assembling an IKEA Wardrobre yesterday and i have to say, it was tricky but easy and fun, everything went just us planned, just some small problems, thats why i decided to put a new tip talking about this subject. First of all follow and read carefully the manual, if you didn't found it yet, should be inside the wardrobe box, so lets get to the tip, before assembling…

posted on 18/06/2010

Self Moving Pros and Cons

Choosing between self moving and with the help of a moving company has always been quite difficult. This is because there basically is no best option or method; you have to choose depending on your budget, destination and time. Self moving can be considered only if you are moving in the same city, and is not preferable when moving to another city or country. To help in making the choice, you have to first be clear about all your priorities in moving. The usual priorities are money and time; and…

posted on 13/05/2010

How to Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

When you get to your new home or even if you got a new flat pack furniture, this video will show you how flat pack furniture can be really handy when you need to take out of the box and assemble all pieces. In this case, hes going to assemble a small drawer, but all flat pack furniture are made in the same way, lets put in this way, this video will be an inspiration for you, but remember always to read the manual that came with the new furniture you've got. If you need to pick up anything from…

posted on 25/05/2010

7 Step for a stress free Removal

These few steps may help you making your moving easier. If you use the following advice, you will probably avoid mistakes that would cause unnecessary trouble. 1. Check well the moving company you are planning to book the removal with. Find some information about the moving company you are planning to hire. Website is a good source of information as it states all contact details and all the details about services provided. You might also wish to read the testimonials of previous customers. Ask the…

posted on 13/05/2010

Tips on Selling your House

Though there may be various reasons for selling your home, tips for selling your home is the same. With these tips, you will be able to sell your home faster, easier and at a much better rate than expected. 1. The rate of your home has to be set carefully. Quoting too high a rate will only make buyers forget about your home while too low rates will only prove that you are desperate for a sale. The best way to find out how your home fares with other homes in your area is by asking for a free home…

posted on 13/05/2010